The IT Coordinators Council (ITCC) is a subset of all Agency IT Coordinators that advises NDIT on enterprise strategies, standards, and services.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide advice to ensure that IT standards and architecture align with government services; in conjunction with other Enterprise Architecture efforts
  • Assist NDIT in understanding agency processes and priorities, discussing better ways for NDIT to meet customer needs, and developing NDIT Service Level Agreements
  • Provide input to the IT Planning process
  • Provide all agencies with an opportunity to participate in and stay informed of IT activities within state government
  • Foster and promote communication among agencies


The ITCC is comprised of small, midsize, and large agencies; with representation from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

ITCC Members
Name Agency
Russ Buchholz Dept. of Transportation
Kyle Forster Legislative Council
Greg Hoffman Information Technology
Steve Kahl Public Service Commission
Pat Kelly Job Service ND
Jodi Kieson Office of Management and Budget
Kelly Klein Dept. of Human Services
Jim Martel Dept. of Mineral Resources
Alan Reile Game & Fish
Tim Schenfisch Workforce Safety and Insurance
Heidi Smith Office of the Attorney General
Charlie Tweet Bank of North Dakota


Membership Guidelines

  • ITCC membership consists of at least ten (10) and no more than twelve (12) agency representatives and/or representatives of the Legislative Council staff and Judiciary branch, one (1) representative from the Information Technology Department, and one (1) representative from the Office of Management and Budget.
  • Ex-Officio membership consists of one (1) Information Technology Department’s Enterprise Architecture Administrator.
  • Current ITCC members continue to serve until replaced.
  • The Chief Information Officer will review the ITCC membership at least annually and submit proposed changes to each ITCC member for their input.
  • The ITCC will review their membership at least annually and submit proposed changes to the CIO.
  • ITCC members recommend the solicitation and selection of new members, subject to the approval of the CIO.
  • Members may designate a proxy if they are going to be absent.