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Criminal Justice Information Sharing (CJIS)



North Dakota Criminal Justice Information Sharing (ND-CJIS) is an enterprise architecture that puts in place a statewide framework of people, processes, data, standards, and technology focused on providing accurate and comprehensive data to the criminal justice community in the State of North Dakota. 

The ND-CJIS integration effort is not a single project. Rather, it is a program that incorporates many projects developed by ITD and criminal justice organizations throughout North Dakota. The integration architecture is driven by local operational needs and uses standards that will support the exchange of data across existing and developing systems.


Improve public safety by providing effective and efficient justice policies, processes, and information systems required to capture and share complete, accurate, and timely information in support of program operations and informed decision making across jurisdictional and organizational boundaries statewide.


North Dakota Century Code (Section 54-59-21) outlines the composition, powers, and duties of the ND-CJIS board.

Powers and Duties

  1. The Information Technology Department, at the direction of the board, shall maintain a criminal justice data information sharing system to facilitate the exchange of criminal justice information among judicial, law enforcement, and emergency personnel.
  2. The board shall set policy and adopt rules relating to the access to and the collection, storage, and sharing of criminal justice information and the systems necessary to perform those functions.
  3. The board shall provide operational oversight for criminal justice information sharing activities and shall approve and provide oversight of criminal justice information sharing budgets.
Designee Membership Criteria
Sally Holewa The chief justice of the supreme court or the chief justice's designee
Thomas L. Trenbeath The attorney general or the attorney general's designee
Mike Ressler, Chair The Chief Information Officer of the state
Mike Lynk
The director of the department of emergency services or the director's
Amy Vorachek
The director of the department of corrections and rehabilitation or the director's
Brandon Solberg
The superintendent of the state highway patrol or the superintendent's
Dallas Carlson The chief of the bureau of criminal investigation
Russ Buchholz The director of the department of transportation or the director's designee
Keith Schroeder
A representative of a city police department, appointed by the governor from a
list of two or more nominees from the North Dakota chiefs of police association
Rick Majerus
A representative of a county sheriff's office, appointed by the governor from a
list of two or more nominees from the North Dakota sheriffs and deputies
Kara Schmitz-Olson
A state's attorney, appointed by the governor from a list of two or more
nominees from the North Dakota state's attorneys association
Bonnie Storbakken One at-large member appointed by the governor

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