Statewide alliances are cooperative agreements between two or more parties made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.

An implementation of the PeopleSoft Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Campus Solutions (CS) applications across North Dakota’s state government and university system.
Enterprise Architecture (EA)
A collaborative, consensus building alliance among agencies for aligning technology with business goals and for designing, implementing, and maintaining the underlying infrastructure to support information sharing and resource optimization.
A web portal to North Dakota geospatial data and information. The North Dakota GIS Technical Committee and the Information Technology Department operate the GIS Hub which supports state agencies in the development of their GIS and the dissemination of common interest data to other levels of government and the public.
IT Coordinators Council (ITCC)
A subset of all Agency IT Coordinators that advises NDIT on enterprise strategies, standards, and services.
Health Information Technology (HIT)
An initiative to implement a statewide interoperable health information infrastructure that is consistent with emerging national standards and promotes interoperability of health information systems for the purpose of improving health care quality, patient safety, and overall efficiency of health care and public health services.
ND.GOV Portal
The official web portal for North Dakota State Government.
Health Information Network (NDHIN)
Improves healthcare by creating a secure, medical record sharing network for providers and customers.
The web-based student information management system used extensively by ND K-12 schools for scheduling, gradebooks, attendance, parent access, meal tracking, and state reporting.
Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC)
A committee to gain and maintain interoperable communications for public safety using state wireless spectrum; includes oversight of the FirstNet and SIRN 20/20 initiatives.
State IT Advisory Committee (SITAC)
A committee that advises NDIT, reviews statewide IT standards, and ranks/monitors large IT projects.
Social Media Users Group (SMUG)
A quarterly meeting of individuals responsible for the social media presence of state agencies.
The statewide network that provides broadband connectivity, Internet access, and other network services to ND state agencies, colleges/universities, local government, and K-12 schools.
Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)
A system that leverages stakeholders and partners of education, training, and employment programs to provide data that supports the research and evaluation of programs and improves the outcomes of individuals provided service.