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Monday, July 5, 2004
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Tuesday, December 8, 2020
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This is a new standard.


To guarantee backup copies of data are created so that data availability and retention objectives are satisfied.


  1. Agencies must review their data and identify backup requirements.
  2. Backup procedures, frequencies and retention are defined, documented and must adhere to Continuum of Government guidelines.
  3. At the completion of each scheduled backup, logs must be checked and verified to ensure successful data backup has occurred.
  4. Offsite storage of backup media is required.
  5. Backups must be tested periodically to validate recoverability.


Each agency or designated custodian ensures backup of data on a regular basis to minimize data loss.


To all executive branch state agencies and institutions excluding the institutions under the control of the board of higher education with respect to academic and research uses of information technology.


Backup Procedures
Documented procedures that identify the backup process.


  1. State and Federal record retention schedules.
  2. Continuum of Government Guidelines.


Non-compliance with this standard shall be reported to the Office of the State Auditor.

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Data Architecture