Following these steps to connect to the secured "STAGEnet-Member" SSID on the wireless network. A 10.x.x.x internal IP address will be assigned with access to all of the resources typically available via a standard network connection.

  1. Enable the WIFI adapter and make sure the WIFI icon is visible on the taskbar. Right click on the icon, and View Available wireless networks.
  2. On the Wireless Network Connection dialog box, click on the Change advanced settings button.
    Wireless Network Connection Screen
  3. Within the Wireless Network Connection Properties, select the Wireless Networks tab, and select the STAGEnet-Member network. Click on Properties. (If you do not see STAGEnet-Member, click on the Add button and enter it exactly as shown here. It is case sensitive.)
    Click Properties
  4. Go through the setup for STAGEnet-Member to verify the dialog boxes look identical to the following:Stagenet-Member Screen
    Protected EAP
    Protected EAP Properties Screen
    Check Box, Click Ok
  5. Click OK on any remaining dialog boxes. Once back to the desktop, right click on the WIFI taskbar icon again and select View available wireless networks.
  6. Double-click on the STAGEnet-Member SSID, and it will prompt you with a clickable yellow balloon box from the taskbar with the following: Click here to process your logon information for the network STAGEnet-Member.
  7. Enter your NDGOV credentials. If asked for a domain, you do not need to enter NDGOV; a username/password is sufficient.
  8. Once connected, you will be given a DHCP address in the 10.11.8.x range (