Following these steps to connect to the secured "STAGEnet-Member" SSID on the wireless network. A 10.x.x.x internal IP address will be assigned with access to all of the resources typically available via a standard network connection.

A group policy may be applied to an Organizational Unit (OU) within Active Directory, enabling the configuration of devices within that OU.

Configure StageNet-Member for XP clients via Active Directory Group Policies

  1. Right click on the OU that contains the computers you wish to have the policy applied to
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select the Group Policy Tab
  4. Click the ADD button
  5. Select the ALL Tab
  6. Scroll down until you can see ITDWirelessLaptopSettings
  7. Select ITDWirelessLaptopSettings by highlighting it
  8. Click the OK button
  9. Click the Apply button
  10. Click the OK button

Optional:  Use Security to filter this Group Policy within the Organizational Unit.  Simply allow Read and Apply Group Policy to the groups within the OU that should utilize it.