Wireless Network

ITD provides a managed and monitored 802.11abgn wireless network solution that can be installed in state government, K-12 education, and political subdivision locations.

This service is customized depending on customer requirements, and it can include public access and/or authenticated secured connections.  

ND State Capital Wireless Service

Wireless service is deployed within the main state capital campus with both public access and secure authenticated access to the state government network. Coverage spans the Capital Tower, Judicial Wing, and Legislative Wing.  There is no fee associated with using this service at these locations, which includes:

  • STAGEnet-Guest; unencrypted access to the Internet using a real external IP address.  Service is available authentication to any customer with a compatible wireless device.
  • STAGEnet-Member; authenticated and encrypted access to the internal network without the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Utilizing STAGEnet-Member

  1. People must be registered with ITD to access STAGEnet-Member. Agency IT Coordinators may use ITD's online Work Management System (WMS) to submit a "Windows Domain User ID" Service Request for a user or group of users to utilize STAGEnet-Member.
  2. Each device and operating system may require specific instructions on how to access the wireless network. To access the SSID “STAGEnet-Member,” you will need to configure your device to provide for authenticated access. The following options apply to HP laptops utilizing Windows XP:

Wireless Networking Tips

  • Check with your PC hardware provider for new drivers if you are experiencing issues with connectivity, dropped connections, or poor performance.
  • For high network utilization activities, wireless may not be the appropriate solution. Although wireless technologies have improved, the speed continues to be less then the average wired connection.
  • Many devices operate on the same or similar radio frequencies, particularly with 802.11 b/g. Examples of such devices are cordless phone and microwave ovens. If you are having issues with connectivity, dropped connections or poor performance, 802.11a may improve the overall experience. Consult your hardware/software documentation to adjust the settings.

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Technology Fee

Network access charge is assessed for each state FTE for statewide area network access and other network services.

Wireless Access Point

ITD provides a managed and monitored 802.11abg wireless network solution.

30.00/access-point (non-state agencies) 750.00/access-point