Website Development

Website Development

NDIT’s website development services provide convenient government services to citizens and can be leveraged to create efficiencies within state government. Our preferred Web Content Management (WCM) platform is Drupal. In addition to Drupal website development, NDIT’s web developers are fluent in a broad variety of tools and languages used to create website graphics and content.

NDIT’s Drupal websites provide functionality that allow content managers to organize, promote, manage and maintain website content easily and effectively. A mobile friendly design allows public website users to easily navigate and browse the website on any size device.

NDIT’s automated maintenance stream allows for testing and deployment of security patches and feature enhancements across websites that are built within the State Website Platform.

Requirements of a Success Website

  • Intuitive navigation and content structure.
  • Streamlined content management processes.
  • Advanced website search capability.
  • Mobile friendly design.
  • A positive visual experience.
  • Conform to EA Web Development Standards.
  • Compliant HTML/CSS code, based on guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • Conform to section 508 and level I & II Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in accordance with State of North Dakota Web Development Standards.


Web Content Management (WCM) training is provided for content managers of all websites built within NDIT’s Drupal website framework.