Vbrick - Video Conference Viewing

Viewing a recorded video conference is a service offered by ITD that will allow a state agency or education consortium the ability to view a video conference from the web. The Vbrick web portal can be viewed by individuals on a PC, Mac, or mobile device. It provides streaming video and audio of a recording and is used when remote users are unable to physically participate at one of the conventional video (room-based or desktop video) endpoints scheduled into the video conference or if video capture is required for archival purposes.

It is important to note that a Vbrick recording device needs to be added into the Renovo/GTL video conference reservation in order for a video file to be created. View the information located on Vbrick - Recording in Renovo/GTL for information on how to request a Vbrick recorder to be set up for your education entity or state agency.
Once the video conference has launched and a video file has been created and fully transcoded, it will then be ready for viewing (streaming). This process can sometimes take up to 60 minutes after the video event has ended depending on the workload of the device used for recording.

You can view (stream) a Vbrick video file with one of two ways:

1. Click on the URL that was sent to you from the scheduling entity. Each event that a Vbrick recorder is added to will create a specific URI that a student or state employee can click on and this link will take you to the login page for viewing. The Recording Link URI will look something like this: http://www.stagenet.nd.gov/VideoManager/viewLink.do?id=68048

2. Or, go directly to https://view.video.nd.gov and sign in with your Higher Ed, K12, or State Agency Active Directory credentials.

Using above option 1:

After clicking on the specific URI for your video event that was sent to you, you’ll see the Viewer page that will look similar to the following:

Click on the View button for the event you are interested in. There may be multiple events to choose from.

Next, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Higher Ed, K12, or State Agency Active Directory (AD) credentials that have been assigned to you.

If you do not have credentials already assigned to you, you may click on the Self Registration link to set up a new user account.

Click on Vbrick-Creating a new user account for the video web portal for details about how to request a new user account.

  • After submitting your new user account information, a Team Admin affiliated with that Team will be notified via e-mail that you have requested access to the Vbrick Team. The Team Admin then will have to either allow or deny access to the Team.
  • Once the Team Admin has allowed access to the Team, a new user can complete the registration process and enter a password for their new credentials.

After logging in successfully to the web portal with your AD or other credentials, you will see the option to play your video event. Click the Play button.

After viewing your video event, you can either click on the Media tab for more videos or type in a new search word for additional videos in the Search bar.

The web portal has a search function that will allow you to look for a specific video file if you are aware of any word in the title. Or, type in the initials of your K12 video consortium, Higher Ed Campus, or State Agency.


Using above option 2:

Go directly to https://view.video.nd.gov and sign in with your Higher Ed, K12, or State Agency Active Directory credentials.

Next, you can either click on the Media tab to see what videos you have access to or you can type in a search word for specific videos in the Search bar.