Vbrick - Editing a video recording:

Team Admins may edit a video recording to cut certain portions out of a video such as any sensitive material or information that is not relative to what you want to show with your content, such as roll call or conversation that occurred after the presentation. Once you have edited the video, you may save it as an entirely new video in Vbrick REV.

To select and cut out a thumbnail segment of a video:

Once inside your Team, select the video you want to edit and click the Edit icon on the Video Player.

A pop-up will appear suggesting that you download the original video file before any edits occur.

It is a good rule of thumb to download the original for backup purposes by clicking on the Download button.

It is now time to select the video segments that you want to cut out using the video timeline. If you need to see more granular detail for your cut, use the Scale slider in the lower left-hand corner.

You may make your timeline selection in one of two ways:

  1. Use Shift-Click: Left click on the timeline or thumbnail segment to set your cut starting point and then shift-click on the timeline or thumbnail segment to set your cut end point. Your video segment will be defined by two blue endpoints with the segment to be cut grayed out.
  2. Click and drag: Use your mouse and left click and drag over the thumbnail segment you want to cut. Your video segment will be defined by two blue endpoints with the segment to be cut grayed out once you release the mouse button.

Notice to the right of the Scale slider, the start and end point time of the selected segment is noted along with the total time of the segment.

Use the Cut button to remove the selected segment from the video. The blue endpoints will be removed, and the time notations will be gone next to Scale. The grayed-out thumbnails will remain, however, so you are able to see what portions of the video have been edited from the original.

Use the Play button on the Video Player to view the video before saving to make sure your edits are correct.

Use the Undo button if you want to undo the cut to the thumbnails. Undo will only undo the most recent cut.

You may make more than one cut to thumbnails in a video. After your first cut, for example, you may make another segment selection to cut.

Use the Reset button at any time to undo all changes you have made and reset the video to its original state. This will only work if you have not saved the video.

Click the Save button in the lower right-hand corner to save the video. Note that this saves the video and replaces the original video. If you want a copy of the original video, you should always use the Download button to download it first before you do any editing as described above.

The saved video will be retitled with the same name and the word "Edited" appended. Further, the Description of the edited video will note that the video has been edited. Metadata and analytics will remain unchanged.