Vbrick – Team Admins

Always sign into the Vbrick video web portal (https://view.video.nd.gov) with your Higher Ed, K12, or State Agency Active Directory (AD) credentials that have been assigned to you.


As a Team Admin in Vbrick, you have the ability to add users into your Team so they can gain access to video recordings. Anyone that does not belong to your Team will not be able to view any content. You can either refer users to the Vbrick Self Registration page or you can add them manually to your Team. For instructions on how to use the Self Registration page, click Vbrick – Requesting access to Vbrick Teams.

After logging into the web portal, click on the Media tab and then click on any of the Team names that appear.

Next, click Edit Team in the upper left-hand corner.

If you are working from a student roster or other participant list:

  • Search for the user with their name or e-mail address under Assign Users and Groups.  E-mail address works much quicker and is more specific especially when duplicate accounts exist.
  • Click the users name when it appears in the list. The “+” plus symbol will turn into a check mark to verify that they have been selected.
  • Click Done
  • Click Save Team ** this is the most important step **

Never manipulate the information contained in the NAME or DESCRIPTION fields as that information is used to link the Vbrick Team to the Vbrick Self Reg group and is also used to link the Vbrick Team to the recording room that was set up in the Renovo/GTL Scheduling system.


Team Admins will also have the ability to download videos in edit mode from the web portal to their own local PC.

After logging in, click on the Media tab and then click All Videos to find a specific video file. Or, you can always use the search bar if you know a portion of the video title.

Once you’ve located the video file you are looking for, you can click on the thumbnail preview to open it.

Next, click on Edit in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll notice that you can also Delete a video from this location so be careful to click Edit.

A pop-up window will appear and warn against editing a video without first downloading the original copy. Click OK.

The Download button is located just to the lower right of the video preview window.

Clicking the Download icon will copy a version to your PC.