In the case where you need to allow viewers from off-network to view a video stream of a live event, you’ll need to set up your Renovo/GTL video reservation with a recorder that allows access to the general public.

In the Select Rooms page of your Renovo/GTL reservation, you’ll need to add all the video endpoints into your reservation you want to connect to, including a Vbrick Pexip Public recorder.

In the search bar in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll need to type Vbrick Pexip Public or Pexip Public.  Make sure to UNCHECK the Favorites Only box.  Once the Vbrick Pexip Public recorder displays, select it as one of your endpoints and Validate your reservation on the Pexip video bridge.

At validation time, the notification pop-up box will show the Recording Link with the connect information for the public live stream.

This Recording Link can also be retrieved later from the Conference Summary page from within Renovo/GTL.

You can now forward that Recording Link to any participant that wants to view the live event or embed the link inside of a hyperlink on a web page.

Once that remote viewer clicks on the link, they will be sent to a ‘Viewer’ page to access the live event.  A participant will then need to click on the green View button.

A web page will open requesting some viewer information.  Even though the live stream is open to the public, viewers will still need to identify themselves for reporting purposes before they sign in as a guest.

Viewers will need to enter a display name (real name or nickname) and an e-mail address.  Then, they’ll need to click on the Consent checkbox.  Last, they click on the blue box that reads ‘Sign in as guest’.

A browser window will now open showing a stream of the live event.