Vbrick - Creating a new user account for the video web portal

Always sign into the Vbrick video web portal (https://view.video.nd.gov) with your Higher Ed, K12, or State Agency Active Directory (AD) credentials that have been assigned to you.

If you do not have credentials already assigned to you, you may click on the Self Registration link and set up an account and then select New User.

Follow the instructions on the Self Registration page.

  • Username can be anything you choose that is unique (e.g. first part of your e-mail address)
  • Team Affiliation is the class or video event you want to have access to. Five Teams can be requested at one time.
  • In Comment, explain why you are requesting access to the Vbrick Team(s).
  • Acknowledge you are not a Robot
  • Click Submit

After clicking Submit, you will receive an acknowledgement that your request has been submitted.

The Vbrick Team Admin will then receive an e-mail that a new user has requested access into the Vbrick video web portal.

After clicking the link to process the request, the Team Admin will be able to either Approve or Reject the request along with entering a rejection reason, if needed.

If the request for access is approved, the Team Admin will receive an acknowledgement that the request was processed successfully.

The new user will also receive an e-mail notifying them that their request for access has been approved by the Team Admin.

The new user will then need to complete the registration process into the Vbrick video web portal by opening the Confirmation E-mail and clicking on the Confirm button.

Vbrick password information and security questions will need to be set up at this time.

Once completed, the following acknowledgement will appear. Click OK and the process is complete.

The following are examples of e-mails that will be sent out to the new user requesting access into the Vbrick video web portal.