Avaya Lync/Skype for Business Plugin User Guide

After getting the Avaya Plugin for Lync/Skype for Business installed, this document shows examples of what you can expect to see and how to use the product. Depending on the version of your Lync client, the user interface for Lync will be slightly different. However, the functionality and the Avaya controls are the same. The examples below are for Skype 2016.

Home screen


You can hover over each of the icons on Avaya tool bar for a short description of each function. You can click the icon to perform any functions available from that icon.


The icon as displayed below shows that connection to the server is lost and all click to call functions are not available.

Icon below, phone error


The icon as displayed below shows that connection to the server is connected and all click to call functions are available.

Icon below, fully working

Phone Icon

Dialpad Icon

Collaboration Icon

Message Waiting Icon

Call Forward 

Note that currently the call forwarding button can be used to turn on/off EC500 (call forwarding)EC500 (call forwarding) or send all calls to voicemail. At this time, it cannot be used to forward your calls to another phone.

In order to use the Collaboration Icon, you would require an Avaya Aura Conferencing account that is a separate billable item available through ITD. If you do have a conferencing account, collaboration software will need to be installed and the conference bridge wizard ran for this icon to be fully functional. Those instructions and software should be provided when the conference account is created.

Incoming Call Icon


Remember that you are remotely controlling your desk phone. When you click on the accept call icon, it will open the call on the speaker of your desk phone.

There are several methods for placing outbound calls. The most common method is to hover over the contact and click the initiate call button.

Showing Call Icon


Dialing a number directly into the search bar will create a clickable icon used to place the call.

Dial Number in Search bar


You can also click on the dial pad icon as shown to place a call.

Dial Pad Icon


In order to conference or transfer from Avaya Communicator, you need to initiate the second call by using one of the call methods referenced above. When you do so, the initial call will automatically be placed on hold. The call window for the second call will have a new icon with three dots. This icon shown below will offer the conference and transfer options. This may seem somewhat complicated, but with a little practice, it is easily accomplished. Remember you can always perform these functions directly from the hard phone even if the call was initiated with this software.

Transfer Icon