Telephones are used to communicate between distant points. Today's desktop, mobile, and soft phones are equipped with a multitude of functionality to promote communication and collaboration.

ITD provides analog and VoIP telephone services. Analog services are provided only when required for transmission over an analog medium (fax, modem, TDD, etc.). VoIP telephones differ from conventional telephones in that they use the Internet or local data network to transmit the voice signal. Most state agencies currently utilize VoIP telephones.

ITD also installs landlines (physical connections between two telephones or devices) in remote areas where IP service is not available.

Phone Information


Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Analog Port

Analog ports are used for fax machines, modems, and specialized communications equipment.

Out-of-State Directory Assistance

Directory assistance charges occur when someone calls the telephone company to obtain an unknown telephone number.

Phone Extension

A phone extension requires specialized wiring allowing a secondary instrument to share a single port on a telephone switch.

Phone-Basic Service (per circuit)

Basic phone service is the activation of a port in an ITD provided telephone switch.

Professional Speaker/Display Phone

This telephone has a speaker and a larger display with additional functionality.