State Website Platform

Through a common platform, the State of North Dakota is reducing spending, combating cybersecurity threats, improving user experience, and promoting digital equity across government. 

Why do we need a statewide website platform?

Without a common platform:

  • Website creation and maintenance is resource-intensive, leaving many agencies without the financial and staffing resources to upgrade their websites.
  • Resources invested in individual sites do not benefit the enterprise, leading to redundant spending and duplicate effort.
  • The use of multiple content management systems (CMS) and versions with a limited overall patching strategy poses a cybersecurity risk.
  • Drastically different theming and structure across state websites provide a less than desired and inconsistent experience for government-citizen interaction.

A common platform:

  • Enables agencies to have modern, feature-rich websites for a fraction of the current cost
  • Allows agencies to craft their own identity while still maintaining an overall state brand across sites. This is done by standardizing certain website elements while giving agencies control over other elements
  • Consists of a single code base that is continually patched and improved. Since each site on the platform uses the same code base, any resources invested in the platform benefit every site
  • Is built on an open-source content management system, Drupal, which eliminates licensing fees, benefits from an open-source community and provides opportunities for vendor support, if desired

A Few Example Sites

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
State Website Platform

The State Website Platform allows agencies to have full-featured websites for $35/mo without any additional up-front development costs or ongoing maintenance fees.