Q.  When do we start using the new system?

A.  Start using the Work Management System (WMS) today for all new record series requests and form requests (design, form numbers).  You will certify records disposals and forms inventory reports in the new Records Management System (RMS) starting the next time they are generated.  The system will distribute email notifications to the records and forms coordinators when the reports are generated.

Q.  Why is RMS not functioning properly and the right side of the screen is missing fields?

A.  Log out of RMS and try the following actions before logging back in:

  • Press Ctrl + F5 keys to refresh the screen

  • Delete Internet Browsing History (under Tools in Internet Explorer)

  • Check compatibility view settings to be sure “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” is not checked (under Tools in Internet Explorer)

Forms Management

Q.  If our department designs our own forms, do I need to send updated forms to ITD Records Management for review?

A.   Departments can still design and make updates to their own forms.  Email a copy of the form to the Information Management Analyst assigned to your department for review. New forms that need a State Form Number assigned must be attached to a Form Number service request in the Work Management System. If you need to update information related to a specific form on your forms inventory report (for example the title), submit a Form Number service request with a Change action marked.

Q.   If I have multiple new forms that require a State Form Number, do I need to submit a separate service request in WMS for each form? 

     A.   You can use one Form Number service request.  ITD will use the Comments to specify the new State Form Numbers.

Q.   When is our Forms Inventory Review due? 

     A.   June 30 of the year after the inventory is issued.

Records Management

Q. Can other department employees be set up in RMS to certify records disposals?

A.  Yes, they can be set up for the department and appropriate divisions.

Q. How can other employees who are not set up in RMS view record series?

A.  A public access site is available at https://apps.nd.gov/itd/recmgmt/rm/recSer/retention.pdf

Q. How do I share the records disposal information with other department employees who are not set up to certify the records disposal in RMS?

A.  Export the search results for a department or department/division which includes retention and disposal information.

Q.  Now that each record series has to be certified as disposed, how do I report a volume for electronic records if multiple record series are combined into one folder for disposal?

A.  Report the volume for one of the record series included in the group.

Q.  How do I report a volume for individual record series if other employees in the department report just one volume for all the records they disposed?

A.  Report the volume for one of the record series on their retention schedule.  Train employees to track volumes by individual records series for future disposals.

Q.  If the department doesn't have any records to dispose for a specific record series, do I leave the volume field blank or enter a "0"? 

A.  Leave the volume blank.

Work Management System (WMS)

Q.  How do other employees get access to submit requests through WMS?

A.  The records or forms coordinator contacts the Lead Request Manager for their department to have them grant the employee access to the request types needed.