Standards of Measurement
Approximate number of sheets that can be filed per inch 175
Number of pieces of paper per cubic foot 3000
Average amount of file space in one file drawer 25 inches
Average amount of file space in standard Bankers box 15 inches
Floor space required for file equipment (includes working space and aisles)
Drawer cabinet - (letter size) 7.1 sq. feet
Drawer cabinet - (legal size) 8.5 sq. feet
Open shelf - (letter size) 7.0 sq. feet
Open shelf - (legal size) 7.8 sq. feet
Cubic foot measurements
Letter size drawer 1.5 cu. feet
Legal size drawer 2.0 cu. feet
Shelving, 3 feet, letter size 1.8 cu. feet
Shelving, 3 feet, legal size 2.3 cu. feet
Cost of owning and operating a standard five-drawer file cabinet (annually)
Space cost (7.1 sq. feet @ $9.95 per sq. foot) 70.65
Supplies 98.00
Cost of cabinet (10% salvage; depreciated over 10 years) 32.05
File clerks pay (midrange per month for handling 30 cabinets) 1733.00
Employer cost @ 25% 433.25
Subtotal 2366.95
Indirect costs (boxes, disposal forms) @ 10% 236.69
Total 2603.64
Average yearly cost to maintain one drawer in a five-drawer file cabinet 520.73
Average annual cost per filing inch 22.64
Average annual cost per cubic foot 347.15