In order to determine agency compliance with the records and forms management program, the Records Management Section will conduct periodic reviews of existing records management programs in state agencies.   The purpose of the following sections is to provide an outline of the areas that will be evaluated during the records management review.

  1. Annual Record Disposals:  The information management analyst will review the Records Disposal Log to determine if the agency has completed their annual records disposals.  The records management analyst will also review the agency’s active and inactive files to determine if the records were actually disposed according to the Records Disposal Report.
  2. Records Retention Schedule with Descriptions:  The information management analyst will review the Records Retention Schedule with Descriptions with the agency to determine if the document is still current or if records need to be added, deleted, or changed.
  3. Filing System:  The information management analyst will evaluate the current filing systems used to store active and inactive records for efficiency.
  4. Forms Management:  The information management analyst will evaluate every form used by the agency to determine compliance with forms design standards.

The information management analyst will develop a report which summarizes the findings and recommendations of the review for the agency director.

The report is intended to provide the agency with information required to maintain their records management program accurately and in compliance with applicable North Dakota Century Code statutes.