Personnel in both ITD and your agency are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of an active records management program. Following is an overview of responsibilities.

State Records Administrator

The North Dakota Chief Information Officer or an individual designated by the chief information officer shall serve as the state records administrator and shall perform the duties prescribed in North Dakota Century Code (Chapter 54-46).

The Information Technology Department has established a section of records management which is responsible for the records management program in the State of North Dakota.  The State Records Management Administrator has been assigned the responsibility to establish, implement, and administer a records management program for all state agencies and city, county, and park district offices.

Department Records Management Personnel

North Dakota Century Code (Section 54-46-05) establishes the duties of agency heads for records management.  Agency heads are requested to appoint a records coordinator to work with ITD Records Management to establish a records management program.  These coordinators will be responsible for establishing and maintaining the records management program.

State Employees

All state employees are responsible for the retention and disposal of records they create and maintain in their official daily business.