Abbreviation Terminology
Understanding Record Retention Schedules
A#AP After # Audit Periods
AA After Audit and Report are Completed
AAC After Account Closed
AAFA After Approved Federal Audit
AAT After Action Taken
ABC After Business Closes
ACC After Case Closed
ACFY After Current Fiscal Year (July - June)
ACM* After Conditions Met
ACP After Close of Policy
ACR After Code Repealed
AE After Expired
AES After Expiration of Sentence
AFD After Final Disposition
AFP After Final Payment
AFRS After Final Report Submitted
AGC After Grant Closed
AL After Legislature
ALA After Last Activity/After Last Action
AM After Maturity
AP After Paid
APAR After Printing of Annual Report
APC After Project Completed/Closed
ASC After Survey Completed
AT After Termination
ATE After Training Ends
AW After Withdrawn
CB Current Biennium
CBPB Current Biennium Previous Biennium
CB#P Current Biennium #of Previous Bienniums
CFY Calendar Fiscal Year (Jan - Dec)
CR Current
CY Current Year
DY Day(s)
DISP Dispose of Record
DOC Duration of Commission
EOC End of Construction
FFY Federal Fiscal Year (Oct - Sept)
FL Film Life
LA Life of Agreement
LB Life of Bond
LD Life of the Dealer
LM Life of Member
LOA Life of Applicant
LOB Life of Bridge/Building
LOC Life/Length of Contract
LOD Length of Deduction
LOE Life of Equipment
LOF Life of Form
LOM Life of Machine (Life of Mine @ PSC)
LOP Life of Program (Life of Pit @ DOT)
LOR Life of Road
LOS Life of System (Computer)
LOT Life of Teacher
LR Length of Rental
MO Month(s)
O+CR Original plus Current
PA Past Appointment
PERM Permanent (PR)
PY Program Year
UC Until Canceled
UD Updated/update
UDR Until Deceased/Retired
UMR Until Maturity Reached (age 18)
UR Until Renewed/Registered/Reconciled
URQ Until Released from Quarantine
US Until Summarized
VL Vehicle Life
WA While Active
YR Year(s)

*AFTER CONDITIONS MET – Conditions specific to your agency as identified on the Records Retention Schedule with Descriptions.