Records Management Program

The Records Management Program is responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and disposition of records required in the operation of a state agency.  This includes determining retention, selecting the appropriate medium, choosing the best storage location, and selecting the best filing system for the records.

The Records Management program for the State of North Dakota was established on July 1, 1961 with the enactment of North Dakota Century Code (Chapter 54-46).



Effective records management is much more than just a filing and storage system. The state's Records Management Program is designed to assist North Dakota officials in fulfilling their responsibility as creators and custodians of public records.

ITD assists state agencies in better serving state government and the public by providing the following services:

  • Establish records retention schedules
  • Design filing systems for electronic and paper
  • Implement classification systems
  • Review records and forms management programs for compliance with State of North Dakota requirements
  • Provide training regarding the use of records management tools and technologies
  • Assist in the development of technical solutions that ensure the integrity, authenticity, and reliability of the State’s information assets
  • Provide forms analysis and design services

Associated Rates

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Forms Design

Provides analysis and design of state forms to meet the customer’s business needs and State Forms Design Standards.