ITD leverages customized project management tools and templates.

Project Management Templates

Project Agendas

Project Charters

Project Plans

Project Forms and Reports

Other Templates

Project Oversight Templates

Some projects require project oversight. Templates specific to this process include:

Managing Projects

The NDIT PMO manages projects across many business units, project types, and technologies. Additionally, the PMO utilizes processes and frameworks for project management ranging from waterfall, to agile, to various hybrid frameworks designed to fit the needs of specific project environments.

Project Management Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended to help state employees and contractors who need to manage a state-based IT initiative, using a sensible, scalable, and standardized State of ND approach.

Project Management Checklist

A comprehensive list of project management acronyms, resources, tips and other useful tools compiled by the PMO - strongly recommended for all project managers and others involved with ensuring successful projects.

ND PMO PM Checklist

Scheduling Projects

The NDIT PMO has put together all of its required steps and best practices for scheduling projects in a one page, easy to use guide.

ND PMO Scheduling Best Practices

Project Portfolio Management

The NDIT PMO uses an enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) tool to manage and report on all of its projects. It is a Microsoft Project Online system that integrates with other Office 365 tools used throughout the state. State entities can gain access to the management system and related reports. Contact the PMO for more details, or to request access.

Agile Project Management

The Agile Reference Manual provides examples and options for managing an agile project in state government, utilizing concepts presented in the Project Management Institute's Agile Practice Guide.

The Methodology Selection Tool (courtesy of the University of Notre Dame’s Project Management Office) is intended to help teams assess and discuss whether projects should be undertaken using predictive, iterative, agile, or blended approaches. Use it with the Agile Methodology Blends Matrix (also from the University of Notre Dame) to help guide project approach decisions.​