Project Management as a Contracted Service

Project Management as a contracted service provides customers with qualified project managers that will lead agency projects using Customized Project Management Tools and Templates.


ITD's Project Managers utilize a consistent approach for project management that is based upon the methods, techniques, and best practices defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI). They have experience managing projects related to application development, commercial software implementations, and infrastructure deployment. ITD's Project Managers provide:

  • Detailed knowledge of North Dakota Century Code and Enterprise Architecture standards
  • Utilization of the North Dakota Project Management Guidebook and the customized Project Management Tools and Templates as a consistent, repeatable, and successful project management process
  • Specific business and technical expertise for agency projects
  • Project status reporting, including various project performance metrics
  • Effective management of resources to complete a project on-time and within budget to meet its strategic objectives
  • Standardized project repository utilizing SharePoint to manage documents and project activities (e.g. risks, issues, change management, action items), including automated workflow


  • Effective and result-driven project management by skilled, disciplined leaders
  • Services provided to state agency customers on-demand with no procurement, supplemental staffing or other technical services RFP needed
  • Cost avoidance for customers who do not have to maintain and provide their own in-house project management resources and skills for performing this type of work on a full-time basis when a full-time resource is not required
  • Rates that are competitive; below commercially available alternatives
  • Projects managed using methods, techniques and processes that can be launched quickly and efficiently
  • Management practices that are already aligned to state standards
  • Well defined project management disciplines that increase the ability to achieve the expected results by monitoring project performance on a regular basis while measuring progress in terms of technical, financial and scheduled events
  • Centralized project status dashboard for viewing all of the agency's projects managed by the ITD PMO

Service Level Agreement

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Project Manager 99.00/hr.
Senior Project Manager 114.00/hr.

Related Standards and Guidelines

Project Management for Information Technology Projects

This standard will ensure accountability for the resources allocated to information technology (IT) projects and ensure that a consistent approach will be used to manage IT projects throughout the project management life cycle. 


ITD has published its Large Project Oversight Report for the 1st quarter of 2017. It was sent, along with a Cover Letter, to the Legislative IT Committee and Legislative Council.

ITD has published its Large Project Oversight Report for the 3rd quarter of 2016. It was sent, along with a Cover Letter, to the Legislative IT Committee and Legislative Council.