Project Exploration

“Project Exploration” is a process through which NDIT and agency staff preparing to conduct an IT project review its business case and high level technical concepts so that NDIT can determine:

  • The project’s impact to the state’s enterprise technology architecture
  • The project’s impact to the state's security posture
  • The project's impact to existing technology contracts and to ensure procurement best practices are followed
  • The project’s need for project management services or for project oversight
  • Other project benefits and risk factors


Pursuant to ND Century Code (Chapter 54-59-11.1), "Each executive branch state agency, excluding entities under the control of the state board of higher education, considering the development of an information technology project with an estimated cost of one hundred thousand dollars or more shall involve the information technology department in the planning and study of the project. A state agency must receive a recommendation from the information technology department prior to proceeding with any study relating to the project.”

I Have a New Project, What Do I Do?

  1. This process is currently being reinvented. Contact the head of the project office, Justin Data, (701) 328-7422,, for guidance.
  2. But in short, until specific details are written up regarding this process, for any project that is expected to cost $100,000 and over, or for any new project concept a business unit is interested in understanding, the first step in the process is to submit a project business case utilizing the form on the the state project management system's Project Ideas List. Please contact Justin Data for access, and additionally contact him when you have completed a project submission. Justin, or another person from the project office, will then facilitate the exploration process.
  3. If you are submitting project information as part of the biennial Statewide IT Planning process, please refer to the Statewide IT Planning pages


Ongoing Involvement

If NDIT architects are needed beyond the preliminary assessment, services will become billable at the Architect/Consulting Rate.  A cost estimate will be provided, and agencies will be asked to submit a request via NDIT’s online Work Management System (WMS).

Other recommended or required services, such as project management or project oversight, may also incur service fees at the rate assigned to that service.