OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft as part of Office 365 and is included in ITD's Office 365 service offering.

Overview of state implementation of OneDrive for Business

  • Storage Space - Each user receives one Terabyte of available storage.
  • Security - The state's OneDrive for Business storage is part of Microsoft's Office 365 Government Community Cloud and follows Microsoft's Government Online Services terms. Storage is provisioned in Microsoft's multi-tenant data centers for exclusive use by eligible US Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Government Customers only, and supports the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) accreditation at a Moderate Impact level. ITD's stance is that OneDrive for Business should be as secure as on premise storage; however, individual agency policies and security requirements should be considered before allowing users to store data in OneDrive for Business.
  • Sharing - OneDrive allows users to share files and folders with anyone in the NDGOV domain whose agency has purchased Office 365. This means that users can share between agencies as along as both agencies have purchased Office 365. Sharing outside of Office 365 users, such as the public, is not currently permitted.
  • SharePoint - Based on current Office 365 and SharePoint licensing used by the state, the services are not integrated. If a user logs into SharePoint and selects "OneDrive" from the navigation, they will be taken to a SharePoint My Site hosted on premise not OneDrive for Business in the cloud.
  • OneDrive - OneDrive is not the same as OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is an online storage service intended for personal use and is less secure than OneDrive for Business. Files stored in one account are not accessible from the other.

Accessing OneDrive for Business

From a web browser

You can access OneDrive for Business by either visiting or and logging in using your NDGOV credentials. Once logged in, you have full access to add, edit, and delete files.

PC and MAC Integration

Similar to other cloud storage solutions, Microsoft offers a OneDrive for Business sync client that can be installed on your computer. The sync client stores a local copy of all your OneDrive for Business files and syncs changes made to your files. Links to the current version of the sync client and installation instructions can be found on Microsoft's OneDrive download page.

Even without the sync client, once your agency is using Office 365 you will see a new location to save files to when using Office desktop apps. If you wish to save files to your OneDrive for Business account, select "OneDrive - State of North Dakota" from the "Save As" menu in the desktop app.

OneDrive Screen on Office 365

From a Mobile Device

OneDrive for Business can be accessed from phones and tablets through the OneDrive app, which can be downloaded from Windows, iOS, and Android app stores. Without the dedicated OneDrive app installed on your device, you can still access and edit files stored on OneDrive for Business through other Microsoft Office apps (i.e. Word, Excel, etc.) if you enter your NDGOV credentials ( into the app. For example, if you install the Word app on your device and enter your NDGOV credentials that app will be able to access Word documents stored on OneDrive for Business even though you have not installed the dedicated OneDrive app. Complete instructions can be found on the official Microsoft Office 365 mobile setup help guide.