Also remember that you can log into the Office 365 Portal from any computer and access fully featured web-based versions of Office applications without actually installing any apps on the computer.

Installing apps on a computer

1. Log into the Office 365 Portal using your NDGOV credentials. Once you type in your username (, the website we redirect you to a new page titled "ND Federation." Finish logging in using your NDGOV password.
Office 365 Portal    ND Federation Page

2. Click on the "Install now" link and follow standard application installation procedures.

Install Now Screen

Installing on a tablet or phone

Under the state's Office 365 license, each user can install Office applications on up to five tablets and up to five phones. Because of the plethora of mobile devices on the market and the nature of mobile devices and apps to receive frequent updates, ITD recommends that users view the official Microsoft Office 365 mobile setup help guide. In general, mobile apps are free to download from an app store; however, once an app is downloaded the user will have to log in using their NDGOV credentials to unlock all of the features of the respective app.

Users that already have already installed apps and authenticated using a personal Office 365 account can simultaneously authenticate with their NDGOV credentials. In this case, when opening an app the user will be asked to choose which account to use, NDGOV or personal.

Using web apps (Office Online)

Instead of installing apps on a device, users can access full-featured Office 365 apps through a web browser. Microsoft has named this capability "Office Online." It is particularly convenient for users that have to access and edit their files from a computer other than their own.

1. Access Office Online by logging into the Office 365 Portal, as shown in step one of "Installing apps on a computer."

2. To create a new document, navigate to the folder you want the document to be stored in, click "+ New" and select the type of file you wish to create.

Create New Document

3. To edit an existing document, open the document you wish to edit, click "Edit Document" and select "Edit in 'name of program' Online."

Edit Document