Citrix Secure Hub iOS Installation Instructions


  1. To install the Citrix Secure Hub MDM app, please remove existing NDGOV ActiveSync profiles if they are present. To remove existing profiles, open the Settings. If none are present, proceed to step 4.
    Settings Icon
  2. Select Mail, Accounts, Exchange and then open the e-mail profile that needs to be deleted. In this example, the profile is named Exchange.

    Click Mail Click Accounts  Click Exchange
  3. Open the profile and select Delete Account.

    Delete Account    
  4. On your iOS device, open the Apple App Store.

    Open Apple Store
  5. Search for "Secure Hub by Citrix" and install the app.

     Search Hub by Citrix
  6. After the installation, go to the home screen and open the Secure Hub app.

     Open Secure Hub App
  7. You will be presented with the following screen. Please choose to allow or don't allow notifications.

    Choose Notifications
  8. Enter the web address of and press Next.

    Enter web address
  9. Enter your email address and password. Press Next.

     Enter email address
  10. The browser opens and you are presented with the following screen. The browser will redirect you to download certificates for the Secure Hub app.

     Browser Opens
  11. Press Install to install the XenMobile CA certificate.

     Install XenMobile
  12. If prompted, enter your passcode.

    Enter Passcode, if necessary
  13. Press Install.

     Press Install
  14. Press Done.

     Press Done
  15. Press Install to install the XenMobile Profile Service.

  16. If prompted, enter your passcode.

    Enter Passcode, if necessary
  17. Press Install.

     Press Install
  18. Press Install to acknowledge the warning.

     Acknowledge the warning
  19. Press open to open the Secure Hub app

     Press Open
  20. Secure Hub would like to access your location. You have the option whether to allow access to your location.

     Allow or don't allow access
  21. After enrollment, open your email app. You will be prompted for your NDGOV password. The Secure Hub app is configuring your iOS device with an ActiveSync email account.

     NDgov password prompt
  22. Your Device is now enrolled with Secure Hub and you should have access to your NDGOV email.