Citrix Secure Hub Android Installation Instructions


  1. Open up the Google "Play Store" to download the Citrix Worx Home app. 


  2. Search for and select Citrix Worx Home.

  3. Press Install.

  4. Press Accept to confirm the installation of the app. The Citrix Worx Home app will be installed in the background. Exit the "Play Store" and return to the home screen.

  5. After the installation, a new icon named Worx Home will appear on your home screen.

  6. Open the Citrix app and you will be presented with the Worx Home screen.

  7. Enter the server name of and select Next.

  8. Press the Activate button.

  9. Enter you email address and password and press Sign On.

  10. After the enrollment succeeds, the Citrix app opens. Exit the app to return to the home screen.

  11. Upon completion, you will notice the Citrix Worx Home icon at the top of the screen with a green dot next to it. This means the app is successfully communicating with the Citrix XenMobile server. The installation is now complete.