Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures, monitors, manages, and supports mobile devices deployed across the enterprise. MDM functionality typically includes over-the-air distribution of applications, data, and configurations settings for all types of mobile devices, including Mobile Phones and tablets. It can apply to both state-owned and employee-owned devices.  ITD offers two MDM solutions:

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange ActiveSync is a mobile data synchronization technology and protocol developed by Microsoft. Exchange ActiveSync provides push synchronization of contacts, calendars, tasks, and email between ActiveSync-enabled servers and devices.

Mobile Device ActiveSync Password/PIN Resets

At this time, we do not have a way to unlock Android or iOS devices within ITD or the carrier. The only way to unlock a device is to reset the device to factory settings. If the device is being backed-up, it can be restored after the factory reset. However, we can reset password/pin if Citrix Secure Hub is installed and properly configured.

Citrix Secure Hub

Citrix Secure Hub provides a feature-rich management solution for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile with full configuration, security, provisioning, and support capabilities.

Requesting Service

ITD's online Work Management System (WMS) may be used to submit an “Email/IM/RightFax/Quota” service request. Specify either ActiveSync or Citrix activation.

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
XenMobile Device Manager 8.75/device 75.00/device

Related Standards and Guidelines

Mobile Device Access Control - ST013-07.1

Establishes security procedures for access to mobile devices.