SharePoint Roadmap

ITD provides two different SharePoint platforms for sites; Foundation and Enterprise.  Foundation is a base version of the application and works for a great number of people.  An Enterprise environment is more robust in that it delivers portal functionality, content management, an enterprise search system and business intelligence features.

Microsoft has announced that there will be no further SharePoint Foundation upgrades for on premise solutions.  The 2013 version that is currently in use will be the last version supported.

This will affect a number of agencies that have their Foundation sites hosted by ITD.  Currently, the 2016 version of SharePoint has not yet been released.  We plan to keep our Foundation sites up and running until they can be migrated to it.

We have reviewed SharePoint Online as a solution, but the initial 2013 version is not comparable to the current Foundation offering.  We have heard that the 2016 version of SharePoint Online will be more comparable to the functionality of the Enterprise offering.  Once the 2016 Online version is released, we plan on doing testing and cost gathering to see if that will be a viable solution for our current users.  In the future, it's possible to see hybrid environments.

SharePoint Enterprise on premise will continue on its normal upgrade patterns as far as we know.

We anticipate rate changes occurring in the 17-19 Biennium for current Foundation users that will allow them to migrate to the Enterprise platform.  We plan to contact each agency and set up a migration plan during the 2017-2019 Biennium.