Agency employees have access to the ITD Information Security Awareness tutorial via the PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) module.

  1. Sign into the PeopleSoft Portal
  2. From the "ELM Self Service Applications" section of the "My Page" Main Menu, click "Search Catalog"
  3. Enter "Security Awareness" into the "Search the Catalog" box, and press "Search Activities"
  4. From the "Search Results," select "ITD Information Security Awareness (112ADMIN0001)"
  5. From the "Activity Details" page, click "Enroll"
  6. From the "Enroll In Activity" page, click "Submit Enrollment"
  7. From the "Enrollment Confirmation" page, click "Launch"
  8. From the Table of Contents page, click "Launch"


Easy to understand
Includes basic security awareness needed to protect our enterprise
Includes training on latest threats, and will continually be updated throughout the year
Easy to use
Integrated into the familiar PeopleSoft training
Training is only 60 minutes in length
Agency Human Resources, Risk Management, and IT staff can prove training completion
ITD has included the tutorial into current technology rates


Additional materials (PowerPoint presentation, video, screen savers, newsletters, posters, etc.) which complement the Security Awareness Tutorial are available upon request from the Service Desk.

Related Standards and Guidelines

Enterprise Architecture's Employee Security Awareness standard states:

  • All employees shall have completed either the ITD Security Awareness Tutorial or an agency security awareness program within the first three days of being granted access to the state government network.
  • All employees with access to the state government network shall be required to participate in annual security awareness programs such as videos or web based training programs.