Properly safeguarding your personal computer (PC) is one of the most important ways of protecting your information from corruption or loss.

  • Log off or lock your computer when you are away from your PC. In most cases hitting the 'Control-Alt-Delete' keys and then selecting "Lock Computer" will keep others out. You will need your password to sign back in, but doing this several times a day will help you to remember your password.
  • If you have a modem, make sure it does not accept incoming calls (auto-answer should be off).
  • When possible, remove your personal or sensitive information before allowing your workstation equipment to be repaired off-site or replaced by an outside vendor. If your home computer is being used for work purposes, consult your manager on how best to do this.
  • Install firewall and anti-virus software. If you have multiple machines, have this software on all of them.