Is your machine

  • Slow or non-responsive? Experiencing unexpected behavior?
  • Running programs that you weren't expecting?
  • Showing signs of high level of activity to the hard drive that is not the result of anything you initiated?
  • Displaying messages on your screen that you haven't seen before?
  • Running out of disk space unexpectedly?
  • Unable to run a program because you don't have enough memory - and this hasn't happened before?
  • Program constantly crashing ?
  • Rejecting a valid and correctly entered password?

Is your organization

  • Finding all of its email refused (bounced back)?
  • No longer receiving any email or visitors to your web site?
  • Experiencing a number of employees calling the help desk saying their password doesn't work anymore?
  • Receiving complaints from the system administrators that their passwords don't work anymore?
  • Getting complaints from your users that the network has slow response time?
  • Finding there are new processes running on the web server?