Each biennium, agencies complete IT operations plans, and project worksheets for proposed IT projects. This information feeds into the creation of a statewide IT plan document, as well as serves as input into the state’s project portfolio management process through which major projects are ranked in preparation for the next legislative assembly.

Information gathered through the IT planning process also helps ITD understand the changing and evolving nature of technology and IT business needs throughout the state enterprise.

The 2017-2019 planning process for agencies ...

... will include the ability to enter and/or update and maintain the Agency Operations Plan information in agency-specific SharePoint sites. The information contained within the Operations Plan has been grouped into sections:

  • Step 1: Agency Profile
  • Step 2: Technology Strategy Information
  • Step 3: Technical Infrastructure Information
  • Step 4: Application Information
  • Step 5: Current Biennium Accomplishments
  • Step 6: Planned Activity Information
  • Step 7: Technology Being Investigated or Considered                                                                                                                                                       

Additionally, agencies are required to submit a new project worksheet that lists project information and the project budget request for each project with an estimated budget of $100,000 or more. For projects with budgets of $500,000 or more, the agency is also required to complete the Project Benefit and Risk Analysis portion of the project worksheet.

Agencies are required to submit the following information to ITD by August 15, 2016:

  • Agency Operations Plan
    • Note: This information will be entered into the planning SharePoint site (your planning consultant will work with you to get your site to you). The Word document is provided for your ease in preparing/drafting information, and also includes instructional text.
  • New Project Worksheet (must be filled out for any IT project with a budget of $100,000 and over).
    • These worksheets will be uploaded into your planning SharePoint site.
    • Projects with budgets of $500,000 and over (“major IT projects”) will also need to fill out the “Benefit-Risk Factor” portion of the IT Project Worksheet

If you have no expected or planned projects exceeding $100,000, the Agency Operations Plan information is all that is required. However, you are encouraged to submit a completed IT Project Worksheet for any project less than $100,000, as this may help you prepare for appropriations requests.

Your agency will be contacted during May of 2016 to schedule a meeting with an IT Planning Consultant to walk you through the planning process, provide guidance, and answer questions. 

IT Plan Budget Guidelines

Definition of Information Technology

The state has an official definition of "Information Technology." This definition will help you understand what types of technology and work is relevant to the statewide IT planning process.

IT Plan Forms and Templates

IT Plan Exemption Requests

Although it is required by North Dakota Century Code to participate in the statewide IT planning process, an agency may request an exemption from the process by submitting the following form for review by the state CIO:

If agency staff cannot submit their planning documentation to ITD by August 15, 2016, then they may request a planning due date extension by submitting the following form for review by the state CIO:

Please note that requesting an exemption or extension is not guaranteed to be granted. Please plan appropriately. 

2017-2019 IT Planning Schedule

Date Event
April 2016 ITD Rates Announced
May 2016 ITD notifies agencies of the details of how the IT planning process works for the 2017-2019 biennium
May-July 2016 ITD planning consultations with state agencies; agencies draft IT plans
August 15, 2016 IT Operations Plans and New Project Worksheets due to ITD (entered into the IT Planning SharePoint site)
September 2016 SITAC Ranking of Large Projects
January 5, 2017 Statewide IT Plan distributed to 65th Legislative Assembly