Each biennium, ITD refines the planning process and advises agencies on changes in Enterprise Architecture, technology trends, and rate structures.

2015-2017 IT Planning Requirements

Agencies are required to submit the following documents to ITD by August 15, 2014:

If you have no expected or planned projects exceeding $100,000, the Agency Operations Plan is the only document that is required. However, you are encouraged to submit a completed IT Project Worksheet for any project less than $100,000, as this may help you prepare for appropriations requests.

Your agency will be contacted during May of 2014 to schedule an optional meeting with ITD's Planning Administrator to answer questions and provide guidance. If you feel comfortable submitting your agency IT Plan without meeting with ITD, you may do so at any time.

IT Plan Budget Guidelines

IT Plan Instructions

IT Plan Forms and Templates

2015-17 IT Planning Schedule
Date Event
April 29, 2014 ITD Rates Announced
May-July, 2014 ITD Planning Meetings with State Agencies
August 15, 2014 IT Plans Due
September 2014 SITAC Ranking of Large Projects
January 5, 2015 Statewide IT Plan distributed to Legislature