2015-17 IT Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the purpose of the Agency planning meetings?

A – To review the IT planning process, answer any questions you may have, and help you formulate your IT Plan for 2015-17.


Q – When will we have an IT planning meeting for our Agency?

A – You will get an invitation via Outlook in May if you haven’t already gotten one.


Q – Does every state agency need to submit an IT Plan?

A – Yes, as mandated by NDCC 54-59-11


Q – Can I just submit a Request for Exemption from IT Planning?

A – Yes you can, but the justification will have to be very compelling to result in approval.


Q – When is the IT Plan due?

A – August 15th, 2014


Q – If I’m not done by August 15th, can I just submit a Request for Extension?

A – Yes you can, but please submit it early enough for proper review, and only if there is a good reason why the plan cannot be completed on time.


Q – What do I have to include when I submit my IT Plan?

A – Each agency must submit an Agency Operations Plan. If you are planning any IT projects over $100K and less than $500K, you must submit an IT Project Worksheet for each project. If you are planning any projects over $500K, you must submit an IT Large Project Worksheet for each large project.


Q – Why do we have to submit IT Projects over $100K, is this new?

A – This is mandated in NDCC 54-59-11.1. All projects over $100K must be reviewed by ITD. You can read more about it on ITD’s web site http://www.nd.gov/itd/service-info/involving-itd-project-origination.


Q – What about IT Projects less than $100K?

A – You can submit an IT Project Worksheet but it is not mandatory. It is encouraged, and may help you with appropriations requests.


Q – Where do I send my IT Plan documents when I am ready to submit them?

A – Send them as attachments in one email to itplan@nd.gov.