IT Planning

Statewide IT Planning is a process managed by ITD through which state agencies establish objectives for technology investments that are in line with their strategic business goals.

2017-2019 Statewide IT Plan

Per NDCC 54-59-11.: Each executive branch state agency or institution, excluding the institutions under the control of the board of higher education, unless the chief information officer grants an exemption, shall participate in the information technology planning process based on guidelines developed by the department . The plan must be submitted to the department by August fifteenth of each even-numbered year unless the chief information officer grants an extension. The department shall review each entity’s plan for compliance with statewide information technology policies and standards and may require an entity to change its plan to comply with statewide policies or standards or to resolve conflicting directions among plans. Agencies of the judicial and legislative branches shall file their information technology plans with the department by August fifteenth of each even-numbered year. Based on the plans, the department shall prepare a statewide information technology plan and distribute copies of that plan … . The statewide information technology plan must be developed with emphasis on long-term strategic goals, objectives, and accomplishments.

Overview of the 2017-2019 Statewide IT Planning Process

  • ITD will notify agencies of the details of how the IT planning process works for the 2017-2019 biennium beginning in May 2016
  • IT Planning Consultants will schedule meetings with Agency Staff beginning in May 2016
  • Participants have until August 15, 2016, to submit their IT Operation Plan and Project Worksheets to ITD (Note: This biennium information will be entered into an online tool. IT planning consultants will provide access.)
  • Major projects are ranked by SITAC in September 2016
  • The Statewide IT Plan is distributed to the legislature upon their arrival for the 65th Legislative Assembly

When you are ready to plan, a detailed description of the planning process and requirements is available.

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