Using the ArcGIS application on your Android tablet or smartphone provides you with the ability to create and configure maps that fit your workflow needs.

ArcGIS Application Benefits 

  • Find places and addresses
  • Display and navigate maps
  • Calculate distance and locations
  • Query map layers and areas

North Dakota GIS Hub Maps for Tablets and Smartphones - Android Version

Follow the steps below to display GIS Hub maps on your Android tablet or smartphones using the ArcGIS application.

  1. Go to Google Play

  2. Use the Search and type in 'esri'. Click the 'ArcGIS' applicaton and install

  3. Click the newly installed 'ArcGIS' application

  4. To find a map, click on the magnifying glass

  5. Example 1: Search using 'north dakota k-12'

    Step Example 1a. Select the map you want to load (e.g., 'K-12 Schools in Legislative Districts')

    Step Example 1b. To zoom in/out use the "pinch" method with two fingers. Zoom in far enough and you will see the names of the schools

    Step Example 1c. To pan, drag your finger across the screen

    Example 2: Search using 'ndgishub'

    Example 2a. Select the map you want to load (e.g., 'ND GIS Hub Explorer Mobile')

    Step Example 2b. To zoom in/out use the "pinch" method with two fingers.

    Step Example 2c. to pan, drag your finger across the screen

    Step Example 2d. To add additional information to the map, click the 'More Info' icon then the 'Map Contents' icon.


    Step Example 2e. Put a check mark on 'GovBoundaries'

    Step Example 2f. Click on that to select the layers to display, e.g., 'Legislative Districts' and remove the check mark from 'Counties'

    Step Example 2g. Click the 'More Info' icon again and then the 'Map View' icon to return to the map

    Step Example 2h. To get more information from the map, tap the screen. A pop-up window will appear, click the '>' to get more information.

    Step Example 2i. Click the 'back' icon return to the map

    If you would like assistance using the ArcGIS application please contact Bob Nutsch of the Information Technology Department at 328-3212 or