The North Dakota Century Code requires ITD Records Management to conduct surveys of forms management practices to identify forms which can be standardized, consolidated, or eliminated as duplicative and unnecessary.

There are many state forms which are identical to others except for one or more minor items. In some cases the data collected are identical, but the purpose for collecting them vary.  In other cases, separate forms collect varying data for similar or identical purposes. The feasibility of combining forms of these types will be examined.

A progressive state accounting and payroll system has provided many forms used by all units of government. There are other personnel and administrative forms which can and will be standardized. As the state forms management program continues, there will be additional universal state forms available for use by all state agencies.

Development of standardized and universal state forms is a responsibility of ITD Records Management. Activities in the development of universal forms will be coordinated with appropriate agency forms coordinators and others. Audit and legal advice will be obtained as indicated by the form being considered.

An agency may find it necessary to make minor changes in some procedures to use the universal state forms. These changes should enhance the efficiency of the agency and at the same time provide the agency with all needed documentation. There will be improved coordination among state agencies and an overall decrease in the cost of the state's paperwork.

An agency may find that a universal state form is not essential for use in its operations. It will not be mandatory for an agency to adopt use of all universal forms; however, no printing approval will be given on any modified versions of a universal form.