To comply with the North Dakota Century Code, ITD Records Management has a central numbering system for all state forms.  The state form number (SFN) must be printed on all forms in the title block.

A State Form Number (SFN) would be required in the following situations:

  1. Documents that contain fill-in-the-blank areas.
  2. Checklists that show a burden of proof that a process or procedure has been followed (prove an action or steps were taken) or if there are additional fields to be completed.
  3. Regardless if forms are distributed internally or externally to the department.
  4. Could be completed in hardcopy, electronic, or web-based format.

The following items would NOT require a State Form Number (SFN):

  1. Read and sign documents where only a signature and date are required (i.e. agreements, contracts).
  2. Checklists where the sole purpose is to check items off.
  3. Web-developed applications where fields are completed as an html object and function as a true web page.

Contact ITD Records Management if you need assistance in determining whether a document requires a State Form Number.

Each state form number is unique.  The number is not duplicated on any other active form, either within a department or on the entire state form numbering system.  Agency forms coordinators are responsible to see that their agency uses the state form numbering system for indexing, inventory, and identification of their forms.  The state form number will be the permanent identification number for a form.

When a form becomes obsolete, the state form number will be retired. Agency forms coordinators are responsible for notifying ITD Records Management about obsolete forms.