All agencies should maintain an indexed system for filing all masters (originals) and all printed copies of their forms. The state form number should be used as the basis for that filing system. Each state form number is unique and is not duplicated on any other active form either within the agency or in the entire central state form numbering system. A good master of a form is needed for reproduction.

If a form has been revised, once printing of the new version is complete, all obsolete masters of the form must be destroyed. This will help avoid the expensive problem of reprinting an obsolete form.

Shelves for forms in work areas or stockrooms should be labeled with state form numbers, and forms placed in state form number sequence. This will provide an efficient means of locating forms, and keeping track of quantities.

It is recommended the masters and printed stocks of forms be centrally located under the control of the agency forms coordinator. This will facilitate better planning of quantities to order and stock, and result in better cost control.