The biggest stumbling block in any forms management program is the office copy machine.  The ease and speed with which copies may be produced encourages the reproduction of forms which have not been officially made a part of the system.  A solution to this problem will help every agency develop increased efficiency and economy in operations.

Forms which are not officially authorized are commonly known as "bootleg" forms.  Not all bootleg forms are reproduced on copy machines, but that is where the largest number are made.  Not all bootleg forms are bad forms - some do belong in the system.  The important thing is to analyze them and determine why they are being used.

  • Perhaps the system is defective and the bootleg form is an attempt to remedy the defect.
  • Perhaps the system is changing, and the bootleg form is an attempt to meet a need.
  • Perhaps the originator was not aware of the forms analysis and design services available through ITD Records Management.

Forms analysis done by ITD Records Management will evaluate bootleg forms as well as "authorized" forms to assist agencies in gaining all possible cost savings.