File & Print

File and Print services allow people to store, secure, share, and print files over the network.

A file server's primary purpose is to provide a location for shared file access, i.e. shared storage of computer files (such as documents, sound files, photographs, movies, images, databases, etc.) that can be accessed by workstations attached to the network. It is designed primarily to enable the rapid storage and retrieval of data and share this information with others.

A print server's primary purpose is to provide print job management to shared printers.

Requesting Service

ITD's online Work Management System (WMS) may be used to submit a "General Server" service request.

Setup time will depend upon the application being installed. Please involve ITD early in the project's planning phase to ensure a timely installation of non-production and production environments.

Service Level Agreements

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Dedicated File & Print User Fee

ITD offers dedicated servers configured to provide an agency with secure file and printer sharing services. This fee is assessed on a per-user basis and does not include the cost of the server.

Shared File & Print User Fee

ITD operates a centralized server configured to provide multiple agencies with secure file and printer sharing services. This fee includes the cost of the centralized server and is assessed on a per-user basis.