There are several printing options when accessing OnDemand through the ARS1 CICS and WEBi tools. These options and instructions are listed below:

ARS1 - CICS Host Print Option

When viewing a report from ARS1, you will see a number of PF-Key options at the bottom of your screen.  To print a report from ARS1, you will use the F4 key.   F4 will bring you to the selection screen below.  This screen is called the Host Print screen.  From here you have the ability to print the entire report or just a portion of the report.  The first time that you use this option you will need to fill in the following fields: Class, Copies, and Destination.

  • Class will be 'I' for those printers that are able to handle formdefs and pagedefs.
  • The option of printing a Banner Page is defaulted to 'N' – this can be changed to 'Yes'.
  • If you choose to use a Banner Page, you can enter specific information into the Routing section which will then print as part of the banner.
  • Press <enter> to release your report to the printer.  If the print was successful, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen which reads 'Print request successfully submitted'. 
  • When you are done with printing the report, press F4 to save the options that you have entered.
  • Press F3 to return to your report view.

NOTE: At this time the option to print a Banner page for a duplex report does not work correctly for a Host Print. The issue is the Banner page is not treated as its own page and the duplexed report will start printing on the back of the banner page.

If you want the entire report printed and a banner page for a duplex report, use the 'F2-Server Print' option from the Host Print screen as shown below.

ARS1 - CICS Server Print Option

You will need to enter in the Class, Copies, and Destination as was explained above for the Host Print. Press <enter> to print your report. F4 will save your profile and F3 will return you back to your report view.

WEBi Print Option

To print while looking at a report in the “Viewer” window, click the print icon (first icon on the ribbon). Since this is a Windows print function, your default windows printer is displayed (similar to other Windows based applications).

Additional Information 

WEBi printing can handle pagedef and formdef only if you are printing the entire report.

  • From your "Search Results" window, click the printer icon to display a Print Window that accepts pagedef and formdef.

NOTE: If you want the printer options to stay you must check the Save Print Option box.