Enterprise Report Management

Enterprise Report Management (ERP) technology provides the ability to electronically capture, index, burst, distribute and store system-generated reports and documents.


ERP software automatically processes reports and printouts from all types of systems. The technology has evolved over time from two earlier technologies that were used to capture green bar printouts. Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD) was a technology first introduced to transfer a copy of printouts to a compact disc (CD). The technology had several advantages over paper or the more traditional means of distribution, Computer Output Microfilm (COM). The CD used for distribution and storage was compact and very inexpensive to send via the mail. Information was stored on the CD in a data format making it very easy to access. In addition, the information could be easily copied and pasted into desktop applications for further study.

Based on a rules engine, ERP software can automatically parse reports into individual components, burst the report electronically, attach an overlay, and forward copies to a predefined distribution list. Additionally, index values can be extracted, and a record copy of the information retained in the EDMS.