Below are instructions for submitting a change to Desktop Support Services, such as setting up IT services for a new employee, eliminating services for a terminated employees, or changing services for an existing employee.

IT services that can be changed in this request include:

  • NDGOV login
  • E-mail
  • Avaya Phone
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer

1. Login to WMS using your NDGOV login. This will bring you to your work queue.

2. Click on "Main Menu"

WMS Step 2

3. Click on "Add Work Order."Note that Work Orders act as folders, or repositories, to organize Service Requests. Service Requests are what's actually sent to technicians telling them of the changes you are requesting. Thus, you can create a single work order (ex. Desktop Support Requests), in which you submit all of your service requests for work you need completed (ex. New Laoptop for Jane Doe). Alternatively, you can create a new work order for every service request you submit. Use whichever method works best for you.

4. Complete the following fields for your work order and select "Submit Work Order":

  • Division
  • Charge Code - if you don’t use a charge code, you can just use your 3 letter agency name
  • Short Description
  • Need By Date
  • Narrative - any additional comments you may have.

WMS Step 4

5. Select "Service Requests" then "Add Service Request."

Step 5 - Select Service Requests

step 5 - add service request

6. Select "ITD User ID" under the Security heading

Step 6 - ITD User ID

7. Complete the following fields and select "Continue":

  • Required Date - New users require a five day notice, which is why the default date is five days in the future.
  • Action - Select "Add" for new employees, "Delete" for employee termination, or "Change" for changes to existing employees (Ex. new last name, team change, promotion, etc.)
  • Short Description - A 50 character or less description of the service request

Step 7 user id fields

8. Finally, complete the fields shown below and select "Submit" to complete your service request. Note that the fields shown in WMS will change based off of the Action you choose (Add, Change, Delete). The "Delete" action for terminated employees only requires the entry of the employee's name and termination date.The instructions below apply to the "Add" and "Change" actions.

  • Name - Enter the employee's complete name as you would like it to appear for email and phone. Please include their middle initial as this is needed in instances when another employee with the same first and last name works for the state.
  • Current Location Information – Only fill this out for existing employees that are moving to a new location.
  • New Location Information - Enter the location for new employees or that an existing employee is moving to.
    • Location- Enter the bulding address
    • Cube -  Enter cube/office number and floor
    • Phone – If a phone number already exists that you want assigned to the employee, enter that number. If a new number is needed, enter "NA" so we know a new phone number is needed.
  • PC Needed - Select whether or not a new PC is needed.
    • PC Model – Name an existing employee to model the computer after. This will copy the groups, phone number, and e-mail groups to the new computer. We will contact the person listed as the "Contact for PC Requirement," to identify what software needs to be installed.
  • Door Access - ITD does not handle door access. Enter "NA" and please contact the ND Highway Patrol if this is needed.
    • WMS Needed - This to to request access to WMS, so the user can submit service requests. By default this is set to "No," but you can change it to "Yes" if they user will need to submit service requests. For most employees this should be left as "No."
  • Comments/Special Instructions - In this section, indicate whether the employee requires a desktop or laptop. For new employees, also enter the employee start date.

step 8 - final entry

After clicking submit, you will receive an e-mail notification when your service request has been assigned to a technician. You will also receive an e-mail notification once the service request is closed, signifying all parts of the service request are complete. If you have questions in the interum, contact the Service Desk.