ITD operates dedicated equipment necessary to host agencies database applications.

Hosted Databases

Full Database and Application Development Support

A relational database management system from Oracle Corporation. ITD hosts both the Enterprise and Standard Editions. The enterprise version is built on the Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC).
Microsoft SQL Server
A relational database management system from Microsoft. ITD's Microsoft SQL environment is in a highly available cluster design.
A relational database management system from IBM.
SoftwareAG Adabas
A non-relational database management system from Software AG Inc. Adabas is a partner product to the NATURAL programming language.
An older database technology from IBM.

Limited Application Development Support

An open source relational database management system that relies on SQL for processing data


ITD assists agencies by providing the following for the Oracle and MS SQL infrastructure.

  • Design and create databases
  • Schedule database backups
  • Recover databases/files in error
  • Monitor database performance/statistics
  • Reorganize databases/files
  • Review program code and inform programmers and customers of inefficiencies
  • Maintain command/protection logging for recovery/billing
  • Assist programmers and customers with program coding/design questions
  • Assist in the install and customization of database software
  • Resolve database/software problems reported by customers
  • Transfer natural program code to production
  • Back out incorrect job runs
  • Maintain database dictionary
  • Database/file space management

Current Initiatives

Requesting Service

ITD's online Work Management System (WMS) may be used to submit a "Database Change" service request.

Setup time will depend upon the application being installed. Please involve ITD early in the project's planning phase to ensure a timely installation of non-production and production environments.

Service Level Agreements

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Database Administrator 114.00/hour
Oracle Application Hosting

ITD operates dedicated equipment necessary to host agencies Oracle applications.

SQL Application Hosting

ITD provides the equipment necessary to host agencies SQL applications.