Compliance Testing

Compliance testing is the process of confirming that software applications are following applicable rules and regulations.

NDIT uses a product called Compliance Sheriff from HiSoftware to automate site testing. Compliance Sheriff is a comprehensive tool that tests for accessibility, privacy, quality, and operational security. It can also test for compliance with a wide range of guidelines and standards and produce detailed reports of violations. A list of Compliance Sheriff FAQs has been compiled to assist experienced web designers with interpreting test results.

One of the primary drivers for compliance testing is to ensure accessibility compliance. Accessibility testing is the process of verifying that software applications are designed properly for people with disabilities and are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Requesting Service

Submit a "Static Web Site Change" service request through NDIT's online Work Management System (WMS) including the following:

  • Department, Division and Charge Code for billing the ongoing monthly cost per agency
  • Web sites to be scanned. (Default scanning includes: Link validation, Alt text quality, Spelling, WCAG 1 priority 1, WCAG 1 priority 2, WCAG 2 Compliance level A, and WCAG 2 Compliance level AA.)
  • Users who should have access to each web site report
  • A report will be generated for each web site scanned
  • An aggregate report will also be generated combining results for all of an agency's web sites.
  • Optional: Email notifications of report results can be setup. Are there any initial email notifications that you would like? (Notifications may be changed anytime using the Compliance Sheriff Notification page.)

Associated Rates

Title Current Rate Current One Time Fee
Website Quality Scanning Service Varies (per page)