Recording a Web Session

It may occasionally be necessary to record an AAC Web Collaboration Session. Please note: only content, audio, and chat are recorded at this time. Video will not be recorded.

After launching an AAC Web Collaboration Session as described in the AAC Web Collaboration section:

  1. Click the Conference Control button.
  2. Click on the Record button
  3. The banner at the top of the page will turn to red and display "Recording".

Recording will stop when the conference is ended or when the "Stop" button is clicked.

Conference Contols button & on the red circle Record button

    Retrieving a recorded web session

    After ending an AAC7 Web Collaboration session, the following options will automatically display again on the "My conference" page from where you started the conference.

    1.  Click the Recordings button.
    Click on the Recordings button at the bottom of the list.

      A pop-up window will display as shown below. After highlighting the conference you are interested in:

      1. Click Open to play.

      2. Click Rename to change the file name.

      3. Click Delete to remove the file.

      4. Click Download to save a copy on your local machine. If you are interested in saving a copy of your conference for archival purposes, we highly recommend you download it immediately after your conference ends. The storage space for recordings is limited and newer recorded files will replace older recordings without sending notification.

        Open or download on screen